About Us

Based in Guinea-Bissau, RuMu is since 1996 an importer and exporter of various agricultural commodities. From our own warehouse facilities nearby the port, we supply our quality goods to local and international clients. Since our first year we provide raw cashew nuts to the processing industry and trade agricultural goods such as rice and sugar. For some years our activities have been limited but since 2011 we are fully operational and committed to add value to the agricultural sector in Guinea-Bissau.

“Exploring opportunities”

As cashew nuts being the main industry in Guinea-Bissau one tends to forget about the many other agricultural opportunities the country has to offer. Our mission is to enhance the known goods and at the same time enrich the use of goods such as mango’s, millet and sesame seeds.

“Adding value”

We believe that processing raw cashew nuts is currently the way to add value to our sector in Guinea-Bissau. By promoting processing locally we participate in reducing the high unemployment level in Guinea-Bissau and increase the value of the country´s main export product.

“Working together”

As a family company we value long-term business relationships and aim at exploring market opportunities together with our partners. It is important to us that one can trust another and find the comfort of working as a team.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence